Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions related to skip bin hire. If you still can’t find an answer please contact us on (07) 3807 7077 for more information.

Yes you certainly can. Please contact our office direct on (07) 3807 7077 to discuss pricing for longer skip bin hire terms.

Yes we can. Please contact our office direct on (07) 3807 7077 to discuss pricing for skip bin swaps.

Our booking system shows measurements and some info on how much you can likely fit in the bin. If you’re unsure or would like some advice please contact our office direct on (07) 3807 7077 and we can offer further assistance.

We cannot safely transport a skip bin when it’s loaded above the rails as items can become projectiles if they fall out of the skip bin in transport. You will need to remove the additional items or you will be charged the cost for us to remove it.

The Queensland Government introduced a waste levy on July 1, 2019. The waste levy aims to –

  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
  • encourage waste avoidance
  • provide a source of funding to enable better resource recovery practices
  • provide certainty and security of feedstocks for advanced technology
  • facilitate industry investment in resource recovery infrastructure.

The levy increased the disposal fees for most waste types for all licensed skip bin companies, however these fees are already included in our prices.

You will be liable to cover the costs to remove the items that aren’t allowed. In most cases the reason we have certain items that aren’t allowed is that we can only dump certain waste types in certain areas at the tip. So if the load is “contaminated” with non-allowed items it can no longer be dumped as easily.

We do not currently provide asbestos skip bins so you can’t put it in our bins. Asbestos is a dangerous material and must be treated with care. When people remove asbestos it needs to be wrapped and disposed of in a special manner. Our drivers will not touch a bin that has asbestos material in it and you will be liable for the costs of having the material removed and the bin decontaminated.

Generally the answer is no. You will need to approach your local council for a permit if you want to place the bin in an area that is not your own land.

When we collect your skip bin the waste is taken to the local government waste refuse centre (Tip). This is usually a Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane based refuse centre – depending on the pick up location of your skip bin.

When we arrive at the refuse centre your waste is disposed of in the appropriate waste sections. For example if you have hired a green waste skip bin then the waste is dumped in the green waste area at the refuse centre.

By having different skip bins depending on the type of waste you have this allows us to ensure your waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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